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When image is everything, choose Lamprint.

Lamprint is not just in the printing and packaging business.

The company have a key partnership relationship with clients, in helping create and deliver a brand to the market that capture’s the consumers’ imagination. That’s why among our blue chip clientele, we can count brands that have relied on creating extraordinary visual appeal to create spectacular sales results.

We believe it is the sort of visual appeal that only gravure-based packaging can create.

Lamprint is proud to deliver a packaging quality worthy of representing these exceptional brands:



Imperial Tobacco

Our Facilities

Creating packaging of distinction

Lamprint is a boutique packaging company. We do not pretend to compete with the high-volume runs provided by large off-shore conglomerates. Instead we are focused on providing a superb quality and service to brand marketers with brands in their portfolio that demand and deserve special packaging attention and care.

The company’s gravure-based installation creates that ‘jump out off the shelf’ quality, generating that elusive impulsive urge in consumers that brand marketers live and die by.

Lamprint’s ability to efficiently and economically deal with short-run flexo-packaging requirements, coupled with the flexibility of quick turn-around – makes it the ideal packaging company for large FMCG manufacturers with premium brands, or for small boutique FMCG companies competing with high-end product.

Lamprint’s flexible printing and packaging services include:

8 colour gravure printed products, Lamination, two side print, Wax coating, High gloss finish, Matt finish, Paper/poly laminate, Paper/foil laminate, Reverse Print high gloss, Reverse print matt, High speed seal, Low temp seal, Broad seal range, Cold seal application (no heat), High oxygen barrier, High moisture barrier, Excellent odour barrier, Narrow Web.

Lamprint's facilities boast the technology that produces the highest quality:

Chambon Printer 1, 8 colour gravure print with in line lamination and cold seal, Chambon Printer 2, 9 colour gravure printer, Specialist Narrow web, 8 colour printer, Specialised Paper/Foil sitter, Oz Press Foil embosser 800mm wide, Bimac slitter for films and laminates 1300mm wide.

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